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Sports, Sports and MORE Sports!

With the passing of Super Bowl 2014 and the Olympic’s Opening Ceremony this week, sports are on the minds of many. Soon Augusta natives and an abundance of visitors will be watching professionals putt on the famous National golf course. Not to mention the upcoming Boston Marathon, Final Four basketball tournament and Kentucky Derby. While most of us are not taking part in these elite athletic events, we are jogging, swimming, walking, golfing and more to stay in shape. But should we be cautious to participate in these athletics? Can sports have a negative effect on our health in terms of chronic pain?

Well the short answer is yes. But it’s not that simple. It is in the best interest of the masses to be cautious regarding sports, not just those dealing with issues of chronic pain. Injuries are common with athletic participation and training vigorously beyond the pain threshold can be dangerous. But when used responsibly, sports can really improve quality of life.

“Sport and regular movement at appropriate levels of intensity create a positive body sense and deepened body awareness. This is the basis for analyzing, managing, and transforming pain. In the treatment of chronic pain by means of therapeutic sport, functional exercise goals are complemented by awareness practices and an active attitude towards pain,” according to Ulrike Trauner of Austria.

This blog is written for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for actual medical treatment. Please contact the APM Augusta office to schedule an appointment if you are in need of medical care.

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