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Risk factors that can lead to chronic pain

Pain Management

Chronic pain affects millions upon millions of people all across the world, and it doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who it will consume. While there are many ways to stay healthy and avoid hundreds of illnesses in the world, chronic pain isn’t something you can avoid completely–it can appear in even the safest health-conscious person.

There are many factors that have been proven to lead a person into a life of living with chronic pain problems; one of which, is something nobody can avoid–aging.

Getting older is a reality of life that everyone at some point will struggle with. As you get older, your body begins to become more susceptible to health problems–especially those that can cause chronic pain–such as arthritis, and diabetes. For those who live with existing health problems like a weakened immune system, or previous injury, chronic pain is even more likely to take effect.

Other risk factors that are sometimes unavoidable can include things such as high stress–from work or personal life–anxiety, or any previous physical, emotional, or mental abuse that may have happened in the past.

While these factors may be almost impossible to avoid for a lot of people, there are some ways to live that can keep you on track from staying away from chronic pain for as long as possible.

Staying away from an unhealthy lifestyle can help keep chronic pain at bay. Choosing to eat healthy food, exercising regularly, and abstaining from drugs and alcohol abuse, are all great steps to take to hope for a future without chronic pain.

This blog is written for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for actual medical treatment. Please contact the APM Augusta office to schedule an appointment if you are in need of medical care.

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