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Preventing back pain during summer travels

As summer kicks off, so does the planning of vacations and trips that the harsh winter season doesn’t allow for.  With long distance travelers, especially those driving, it means the threat of neck and back pain that always seems to be synonymous with traveling. While this pain seems to always be guaranteed, there are multiple ways to prevent this type of pain to make your vacation be exactly what it should be, relaxing.

  1. Drink Water. Drinking plenty of water will keep your joints fluid and less likely to dry out creating inflammation that can occur after sitting in one position for too long. A less hydrated body can create friction between joints that can cause major pain and aches.
  2. Take many breaks. By stopping, stretching, and walking around, you are keeping your body active and moving which will prevent any discomfort from sitting too long.
  3. Support your back. Whether you use a pillow, or even just a thin piece of fabric such as a pillow case, the support on your back will help keep you comfortable and in a stable position during a long drive.
  4. Cruise control. When on long roads that never seem to end, take advantage of cruise control, allowing you to put both feet on the car floor, keeping your back evenly aligned across your body.
  5. Temperature control. Placing an ice pack between your back and the seat will help keep your back comforted if you begin to experience any pain. The use of heat pads or heated seats built into the car can also soothe the throbbing feeling that begins to generate.

While neck and back pain are inevitable for most travelers, following these rules should keep you well adjusted for a comfortable vacation, rather than just a painful ride.

This blog is written for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for actual medical treatment. Please contact the APM Augusta office to schedule an appointment if you are in need of medical care.

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