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Office closure due to COVID-19 pandemic


This is to inform all that we'll be closed for the next 2 weeks starting April 2nd, 2020. The decision for us to reopen will be posted here and our Facebook page for the practice by April 19th, 2020 as this can extend. We had to take this decision to keep our patients and staff safe and follow the Shelter at home order by the Governor. We will continue the Telehealth or E-visits as scheduled for the existing patients.


In the last 2 weeks as the incidence of COVID-19 infections grew in the US population and specifically in Georgia, our practice instituted the CDC directives including social distancing, mask usage, triage for patients coming in the office, minimizing waiting room seating, E-visits or Telehealth for our patients that started 2 weeks ago. It worked very well for all.


At this time though we feel we need to do our part to get us as a community through this crisis. This too shall pass. We'll all some stronger and ready to go in every arena of our lives started when this is over. Enjoy the time with your loved ones until then. God bless!


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