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Managing your pain during the summer months

While for most, the summer brings comfortable weather, vacations, and happiness, the threat of weather induced chronic pain is very possible for others. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce or remove this threat, to insure that everyone gets a fair chance at enjoying the summer months.

Stay indoors

While this option doesn’t seem very appealing to most during the summer, it is wise to at least manage wisely between being outside and in. If you do feel the need to spend time outside, be sure to take breaks frequently to go inside and cool off. Be sure to adjust the air conditioning to keep the house at a constant cool temperature, as it will help fight off the pain that hot weather can bring on inside your body.

Eat and drink healthy

Stay away from sugary drinks like juice and soda, and try keeping hydrated with lots of water. Eating healthier foods over processed and fattening options will also keep your body energized and prepared to fight off pain.

Clothing options

While you may not think about how your clothes can affect your body, it can prove to be a pivotal part in keeping your pay at minimum during the summer. By wearing white or lighter color clothing, you are keeping less heat from absorbing into your clothes, and then your body. Keeping a loose fit will also allow for heat to escape your body.

These steps are simple to live by, and if followed will help in preventing the pains that are associated with the hot weather that summer brings.

This blog is written for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for actual medical treatment. Please contact the APM Augusta office to schedule an appointment if you are in need of medical care.

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