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Don’t let pain ruin your summer

Summertime for both kids and adults is always an exciting season of longer days, and beautiful weather. It gives us an excuse to get outdoors, go on vacation, and try to not work as hard. But, for those with chronic pain, summer isn’t always a time to look forward to. Chronic pain sufferers don’t always have the same luxuries when it comes to summertime fun, and can find themselves sitting on the sidelines while watching their friends and family enjoy themselves.

There is still hope for everyone though, including those who deal with chronic pain on multiple levels. You don’t have to give up your summer to chronic pain, you just need to find balance! While you may not get to experience everything to the full extent, you can however find ways to still get out and enjoy your summer. Here are some ways to still enjoy summer activities while living with chronic pain.


While sleeping on the ground inside a tent in the heat is almost impossible for anyone with chronic pain, consider camping with a motorized camper/RV. This will allow you to still enjoy the experience of sitting around the campfire with your family, while still enjoying a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.


If you have a love for hiking and experiencing the outdoors, chronic pain doesn’t have to stop you. A simple walking stick can make a huge difference in your ability to hike without pain taking over too quickly.


Going to the beach and pool are synonymous with summertime and nobody wants to miss the chance of cooling off and relaxing in the sun. With the help of floatation devices such as noodles, or paddle boards, you can enjoy the water without the work that can flare pain. Relaxing like this in the water is also a good remedy for pain!


Traveling is hard for those with chronic pain due to long distance drives crammed in a car. Consider buying or renting a RV for long distances so you can rest with plenty of room when pain decides to act up.

Don’t let pain stop you from enjoying your summer. No matter how old you are, we all deserve a little summer vacation fun!

This blog is written for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for actual medical treatment. Please contact the APM Augusta office to schedule an appointment if you are in need of medical care.

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